Here is the list of the faculties of the University of Zagreb who are organizing summer schools in the academic year 2012/2013: 


The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology is organizing a summer school in English entitled 14th International Chromatography School (ICS) from 25-28 September 2013 in Poreč.


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Science is offering three summer schools this year:
Summer School of Scientific Communication - Writing Research for Multidisciplinary Audience, 15-18 July 2013, Split.
23rd Psychology Summer School (Dispositional Employability in Croatian Society), summer semester 2012/2013, Zagreb. The final workshop will be held in September 2013 on the island of Vis.
Epigraphic monument as a particular historical source, 15-22 September 2013 in Murter, Murter island.


The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences is organizing one summer school in English this year:
2nd Summer School of Integrated Transport Innovative Technologies and Integrated Transport, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, 26th–31st August 2013.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture is organizing three summer schools this year:
15th Summer School on Engineering Design Research for PhD candidates, 30 June–7 July 2013, Samobor.
Robotic International Summer School 2013 - Robots as Intelligent Social Systems Working in the Outer World, 17–22 June 2013, Dubrovnik.
i-RESEV International SDEWES Summer School 2013 on Modelling of Electric vehicles, Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and planning of their integration in energy systems with high share of renewable energy sources, 17–27 September 2013, Dubrovnik. 


The Faculty of Catholic Theology is organizing one summer school this year:
2nd edition of the Organum Iadrensis International Organ summer school for organ students and church musicians (hrvatskiEnglish), 12 – 21 July 2013, Zadar. You can find the application form here


The Faculty of Kinesiology is organizing one summer school in English this year:
2nd Summer School of Water sports, 25 June–2 July 2013 or 3-10 September 2013, Korčula-Badija (more details here). 


The School of Medicine is organizing two summer schools this year:
Summer School in Emergency Medicine, 3-12 August 2013, Dubrovnik.
Motovunska ljetna škola unapređenja zdravlja, 25 June-15 July 2013, Motovun. 


The Faculty of Veterinary medicine is organizing Summer school in wildlife management, 8–19 July 2013, Zagreb. 


Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS) has been operating within the academic programme for advanced studies of the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC) for more than twenty five years. This year, the PESS is organising two interactive seminars:

Workshop 35 - Economics, Technology and Management of Ol & Gas Production in Mature Fields, with a short course: Oil & Gas Leases, Concessions and Production Sharing Agreements, Dubrovnik, 3–7 June 2013

Workshop 36 - Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, with a short course: Natural Gas Supply and Organisation of Natural Gas Market, Dubrovnik, 10–14 June 2013 (more details about the Petroleum Engineering Summer School here.


The Faculty of Science this year is offering 9th International School of Conservation Biology. 


University School of Croatian Language and Culture offers an intensive course of the Croatian language. The School is organised in cooperation between the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. This year the school will be held from 22 June-19 July 2013 in Zagreb. 



The information about the offer of summer schools of the University of Zagreb will be updated regularly.



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